The culinary guide to Poznan

Poznan’s cuisine has a long history and traditional specialities that are hard to beat. Some sources go as far as prehistoric times to explain and analyse the complexities of food tradition in this region. In the past Poznan (and the whole Wielkopolska which Poznan is the capital of) was famous of its exquisite roasted duck, red cabbage and dumplings, simple potato dishes (people from Poznan are teasingly called ‘pyry’ meaning in the local dialect potatoes) and pastries. Today though Poznan has much more to offer than those delicious dishes and the local food scene is rather exciting.

Here is our guide to the most interesting Poznan’s restaurants and cafes:

Locals’ favourite restaurants and cafes in Poznan

Ptasie radio, restaurant in Poznan
Brunch, source: Ptasie radio

Location: Swiety Marcin (map)
Price: 15-25 PLN for a main dish, cheap drinks
Notes:the hot chocolate is to die for

Ptasie Radio

#solid-choice, #lovely-decor, #central-location

Ptasie Radio is a lovely decorated, full of character restaurant and cafe that offers breakfasts, lunches and dinners. It offers traditional and modern dishes, great drinks (check out in winter their thick hot chocolate) and a relaxed atmosphere that makes this place very popular and busy. The food won’t blow your mind, but it’s a solid choice that won’t leave you disappointed. All in all good value for money.

Republika roz, Poznan
Source: Republika róż

Location: Plac Kolegiacki, city center (map)
Price: 20-40 PLN for a main dish
Notes: buffet breakfast on Fridays & Saturdays is worth checking out

Republika róż

#great-breakfasts, #lovely-decor, #central-location

Republika róż is a bright and happy place that is family-friendly and great for brunch with friends or a quick bite. You can find there delicious soups and mains, great hot chocolate and magnificent cakes. On Fridays and Saturdays, Republika róż offers buffet breakfast (think: salads, scrambled eggs, bread, quiche, fruits, muffins, cakes in unlimited amounts).
The atmosphere is lovely and the decor is really welcoming and cosy.

Manekin in Poznan, pancakes
Pancakes, source: Manekin

Location: Kwiatowa (map)
Price: 10-20 PLN for a pancake
Notes: don’t let long queues to put you off


#pancake, #lovely-decor, #cheap

Manekin is a great place for people that love pancakes and those who are looking for a cheaper place to eat. There are probably over 200 different savoury and sweet pancake variations so prepare yourself for a hard choice. The portions are generous, taste is great and the interior is pleasing to the eye. Locals love this place and most of the time there is a long queue at the front of the restaurant. But hey, this is the price of an affordable and delicious meal, take it or leave it.

Fine dining in Poznan

Food in Toga restaurant, Poznan
Oysters with raspberries, source: Toga

Location: Plac Wolnosci (map)
Price: around 120-150 PLN for 3 course meal with wine
Notes: service can be slow


#traditional, #with-a-twist, #central-location

Toga is centrally located a little restaurant that is run with much love. Traditional dishes and flavours of the local cuisine are mixed with Mediterranean and modern influences and are presented in the simple, but impressive forms. Staffs speak English and are friendly. You should make a seat reservation in advance if you want to make sure you can have dinner there.

Kuchnia wandy in Poznan
Home-made bread, source: Kuchnia Wandy

Location: Swiety Marcin (map)
Price: around 100-120 PLN for 3 course meal with wine
Notes: menu only available in Polish

Kuchnia Wandy

#traditional #home-made-bread #central-location

If you’re looking for some traditional flavours Kuchnia Wandy is worth checking out. You can find there amazing home-made bread, roasted meats and traditional soups (if you haven’t had zurek yet this is your chance). Good desserts and well put together wine list are worth mentioning too. The small obstacle can be the menu that unfortunately is available only in Polish, but that could be your chance to practice your language skills (let’s be positive here!).

source: Papierówka

Location: Zielona street, city center (map)
Price: around 100-150 PLN for 3 course meal with wine
Notes: great for a date or a special ocasion


#polish, #european, #with-a-twist

Papierówka offers very creative food inspired by the traditional cousin (think: duck breasts, beef ribs and hearty soups). The food presentation is top notch, the interior is elegant yet exciting and the service is very attentive. Papierówka has a very high standard and if you enjoy fine dining in other European cities you are going to be pleased with the price.

World food restaurants in Poznan

Ramen in Poznan
Ramen, Source: Yetz tu

Location: 10 minutes walk from the city center (map)
Price: between 25-35PLN for a bowl of ramen
Note: long waiting time without a booking

Yetz Tu

#asian, #ramen

Perhaps Yetz Tu is not a place for an intimate date or long discussions about the beginning of the universe but if you are looking for authentic and honest ramen in Poznan this is your best bet. Food is delicious and service is speedy and friendly. A bit of worrying, the restaurant can get very busy and without a reservation, you may have to wait even an hour for a table (still worth it though)!

Humhum in Poznan
Source: Humhum

Location: Srodka (map)
Price: 10-20 PLN per dish
Note: if it’s warm enough seat outside and enjoy the views


#lebanese #vegeterian-friendly

Humhum is located in a nice area near the Warta river and in the summer there are seats available outside with great views. The food is mainly Lebanese, so prepare yourself for lots of hummus, falafels, kofta and aromatic teas. The menu is small but sufficient to cover any dietary requirement, including vegetarian and vegan diets. Service is not the best, so focused on your food and beautiful surroundings.

Pad thai in Raj i ruina in Poznan
Pad thai, source: Cafe Raj i Ruina

Location: Srodka (map)
Price: around 30-40 PLN for a main dish, 14 PLN for cheesecake
Note: it’s quite far from the city center

Cafe Raj i Ruina

#asian-inspired, #cheesecake-heaven

Cafe Raj i Ruina is two in one, a cafe and a restaurant that combine energy, good vibe, delicious food and above all, spirit of travelling. And perhaps because of the travel theme it attracts a lot of expats and foreign tourists. You can find there asian-inspired dishes (like pad thai, green and red curry) and scrumptious cheesecakes.

Pan Gar, Poznan
Source: Pan Gar

Location: Jezyce (map)
Price: around 15-20 PLN for a main dish
Notes: it’s quite far from the city center

Pan Gar

#georgian #stuffed-bread

If you like Georgian food (or you would like to try it) Pan Gar is your place to go. You will find there traditional Georgian specialities like Chinkali, Chaczapuri and delicious local wines. The interior is quite particular but relates to the Georgian tradition. Prices and fair and if you stay late you may be able to listen to some live music.

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