Poland in the last few years has become an interesting touristic destination not only for stag and hen parties but also for families and people looking for something else than a standard Mediterranean coastal experience. According to the Mondial Assistance research, 74% of Poles choose a holiday in Poland. And they are not wrong. With relatively low prices of food, drinks and entertainment Poland has something for everyone. But what is the real cost of spending your holidays in Poland? That, of course, depends on the exact location and your need for luxury. 

Cost of holiday accommodation depending on the region 

Baltic sea holiday cost 

Baltic Sea is the perfect holiday spot for family and couples.

Baltic Sea is by far the favourite domestic destination of Polish people. Hotels get booked early and despite unpredictable weather (you can have the most beautiful, hot and sunny two weeks of your life or the most miserable never-ending days of rain) the seaside is always full. The price of a standard hotel in Ustka, if booked for a week costs around 300 PLN per day per person (£60 / 65 Euro). In Mielno (one of the most popular seaside towns) a night can cost you even 500PLN in the high season. However, if you decide to go before school holidays (for example early June or September) you are looking at paying 50% less for the same accommodation. 

Cost of holidays in the Polish mountains

Tatras are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Poland. You can choose to stay in traditional mountain houses and rent the whole little house for yourself and your family from 1500 PLN per week.

They are a few different mountain ranges in Poland so you have a lot to choose from. In Tatras, you are looking at around 450 to 500 PLN per room for a hotel in Zakopane. However, there are many very attractive packages that can give you a much nicer experience for the same money. Make sure that you check out SPA hotels in the region as the same money can buy you not only a stay but also breakfast and additional treatments. 

In Karkonosze and Beskid Sadecki accommodation is more scare so the prices are on average about 10% more expensive than in Tatras (of course there are exceptions to this rule and you may be lucky). One night stay costs on average 550 – 600 PLN. 

Cost of holiday in Mazury, Polish Lake District 

Finally, if you are planning to visit Mazury a very nice hotel may cost you even 600 PLN. There are much cheaper options, for example, organic farms offer stays from 400 PLN in the high season. You may also consider renting a sailing boat and sleeping there or going back to nature and camping in the forest.  

The Lake District in Poland can be quite expensive in high season but prices drop over 50% outside the summer holidays.

Cost of city breaks in Poland

It’s very easy to find accommodation in every Polish city, town and even village. Price, of course, depends on the level of offered luxury, but hostels start from 35 – 50 PLN, cheap hotels can be booked for as little as 100 PLN and a high-end hotel may cost you anything between 200 and 300 PLN. Of course, five stars hotels will be much more expensive.  

Food cost

Irrespectively from the place you are going to spend your holiday you also need to calculate the cost of food. Thankfully eating out in Poland is very reasonably priced so a budget between 100 to 150 PLN per person should be more than sufficient (obviously if you choose to eat in more expensive restaurants your daily budget will have to accommodate for that too). It is definitely possible to spend less on food and drink but you may need to get cleaver about your choices and rather than picking up a restaurant located at the heart of the market square look at more hidden dinners. 

Polish food is definitely one of the best parts of the holiday in Poland.

What is the cost of a week holiday in Poland? 

As always everything depends on your choice, but let’s take averages into consideration. 

A low budget holiday in Poland should be possible for 1000 PLN assuming that you would stay in hostels and choose to eat in cheap dinners. 

A mid-range holiday experience will cost you probably more than 2500 PLN per person in high season. A nice hotel and really good food and plenty of drinks can be expected for this amount. 

Finally, a luxurious one week holiday in high season will come up to 5000 PLN but you can expect excellent accommodation, either in four or five-star hotel or SPA hotel and eating in the best restaurants. 

Knowing how much money roughly you may need leaves you only with a decision about where to spend your next holiday in Poland. You may want to check out the exceptional places in Poland section on our website or alternatively the city guides if you are thinking of a Polish city getaway. And if you an explorer you should definitely read about places in Poland that you have never heard about.

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