Finding the perfect Christmas gift can be challenging but buying a splendid Christmas gift related to Poland is even harder. Lots of people are looking for traditional Polish Christmas gifts or presents somehow relevant in the context of Poland. To help you with your present hunt we’ve curated a list of Christmas presents that anyone who likes Poland, is Polish or perhaps is yet to learn about Poland will appreciate.

Traditional Polish Christmas gifts

Polish food gifts

The most important topic around Christmas is food and what better way to start out Christmas shopping list than with Polish food must-haves. Food heritage is very strong in Poland and it’s a part of the Polish identity. If you live in Poland, getting the items from the list will be easy, you just need to go to your local shop or worst case scenario, to a bigger supermarket. If you are living abroad, you may be lucky and have a Polish shop (‘Polski schlep’) in your neighbourhood. For all of you who are not in this fortunate situation, we got you covered. You can buy all the product featured in this list online to get it delivered to your doorstep. Or even better, try to make some of it yourself to share with your family and friends. Merry Christmas.

Polish sweets

Sweets are the obvious choice when it comes to Christmas gifts. They are the perfect company to other presents or a great gift on its own, especially for someone with a smaller budget or as a gift for Secret Santa. You can also make it yourself, for example, classic Polish gingerbreads are always a good idea. Here are a few Polish classics that can’t go wrong.


Tik Taki

Ptasie Mleczko

Polish savoury treats

If you want to get a present for someone who doesn’t like sweets (I know, crazy!) you can always opt for some other Polish specialities like wild mushrooms, honey, traditional Polish cheese (called ‘oscypek’) or sausages and good quality Polish meats. The trick here is that the majority of fresh produce is only available in shops and not online. We included some specialities available online if you don’t have access to a’Polski sklep’.

Polish wild Mushrooms


Unpasteurized Polish Honey

Polish vodka

No matter who or where you are, you can’t have a Christmas without the delicious taste of true Polish Vodka. Their are a lot of associations to make with Polish culture but Vodka would be a very far up the list. In case you can’t source your favourite one locally, we got you covered. Order them here online.


Black Zubrowka

Heizelnut Vodka

Cherry Vodka

Polish books

If you want to get a gift that is not going to be consumed within a few days or weeks, books are usually a great idea. Here are a few examples of Polish books, with topics ranging from culinary to travel and general novels. Great books with a collection of beautiful photos from Poland are a magnificent idea for you to show your friends the real Poland with its beautiful cities, divers countrysides and grand mountain area. Finally, the fiction books showcase some of the most famous Polish books that also became appreciated outside Poland.

Polish cookbooks

Polska: New Polish Cooking

Modern Polish Recipes

Old Polish Traditions

Famous Polish fiction and nonfiction books


by Stanisław Lem


by Olga Tokarczuk

The Soccer War

by Ryszard Kapuscinski

Prints and pictures of Poland

Gorgeous Polish photos and prints that compliment your interior and are that real eye-catcher and great conversation starter. Is there anything better than a beautiful picture of Poland?


Christmas Presents for pierogi lovers

There are people out there that truly love pierogi, probably you know one or two of them yourself. The good news is that it’s easy to get them an awesome present. There are plenty of useful and funny pierogi gadgets out there. (The bad news is that they will want to eat or steal your pierogi from you, so be careful).

Pierogi mould

Love Pierogi Glass Coaster

Pierogi: More Than a Book


Polish Christmas present for a football fan

It’s often hard to buy a present for a guy but if they like football here are some ideas for Christmas gifts.


Funny Polish Christmas gift ideas

If you are buying a present for someone with a sense of humour, why not get something funny? One of the famous Polish quirks is to always offer a pair of slippers to a guest so if you know someone who does this, a brand new pair of slippers could be a great gift idea. Another funny present could be a one of these silly t-shirt.


Other ideas for Polish Christmas presents

If you don’t like any of the previous Christmas gift ideas this is your last chance.

The masterpiece of Chopin


Travel guide

Record player

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