One of the most disliked places in the universe, at least by some people. Whether you want to or not, you have to go there at least once a year (to give the statement of your earnings – a document called PIT) or more (if you are for example self-employed). Here is some information about the Polish Tax Office.

The main areas of expertise

The main tasks of the Tax Office:
– establishment and collection of taxes
– granting tax identification numbers, keeping records of the taxpayer and updating data on taxpayers
– performing tax audits
– receiving tax forms and identification forms
– investigating cases of tax offences
– distribution and transmission, on the basis of specific regulations, budget revenues between the state budget and the budgets of local governments
– implementation of administrative enforcement of monetary claims and penalties for certain property provisions of the Code of Execution of Criminal and Penal Fiscal Code

Contact details

Address: ul. Alojzego Felińskiego 2B, 01-513 Warszawa
Phone: 0048 (22) 561-80-00, 0048 (22) 561-80-02, 0048 (22) 561-80-10
Website: click here

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