The Polish National Health Service is called NFZ (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia which literally means National Health Fund) and it’s run by the Polish government institution that finances health care. You are entitled to use the public healthcare in Poland for free as far as you are insured.

NFZ main areas of expertise

The main tasks of National Health Service:
– determining the quality and availability and the costs of healthcare services
– financing of health care services provided to beneficiaries other than the insured
-the development, implementation, operation and financing of health programs
– health promotion (don’t worry, be healthy)
– conducting the Central List of Insurance
– coordination and reimbursement of costs of benefits provided for insured persons within the European Union.

Contact details

NFZ Headquater
Address: ul. Grójecka 186, 02-390 Warszawa
Phone: 0048 (22) 572 60 00
Website: (Polish version only)

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