The Office For Foreigners was established by the Polish government to provide help and support to any foreign citizens who decide to live in Poland. The main goal for people working in the Office for Foreigners is to provide a comprehensive and professional service in order to legalise stay of any non-EU citizens in Poland and provide protection to expats already residing in Poland.

As only the expats from the outside of EU need to use the help offered by the Office for Foreigners if you are EU citizen you can read about it just for fun or just skip this section.

The Office For Foreigners main areas of expertise

The Office for Foreigners is:
– conducting a national set of registers, records and a list of foreign matters
– entry of foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Poland
– the transit of foreigners through that territory of Poland
– residence of foreigners in Poland
– granting or depriving of the refugee status
– granting or depriving of the asylum
– provision of social assistance to foreigners applying for refugee status or temporary protection
– temporary protection of foreigners
– leading centres for foreigners applying for refugee status

Contact details

Address: 16 Koszykowa Street, 00-564 Warsaw
Phone number: 0048 (22) 60 175 14

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