The cold winter evenings are coming – these are the best Polish drinks to stay warm

Winter is coming and anyone who experienced winter in Poland knows that this is serious. You need to be prepared for the thermal shock and the short, dark days that lay ahead of you. There are a few things that can make this time of year more enjoyable but nothing works better than a good, Polish winter drink. Here is the list of the best beverages that you need to try this winter.

Mulled beer – grzaniec

King of Polish autumn drinks comes as a surprise to foreigners who are accustomed to the idea of mulled wine but not yet heard of mulled beer. If you are one of those people that never heard of mulled beer before, try to forget wine (at least once) and trust the true Polish connoisseurs by supping on grzaniec this autumn season. It is hot, spicy and sweet, with undertones of Christmas spices (cloves and cinnamon) which makes it the perfect drink to enjoy during the cold Polish winter evenings. Some people believe in the healing properties of mulled beer and if you were not yet convinced, this should do the trick.

Mulled wine – grzane wino

Mulled wine

It’s good to be adventurous and to try new things, but sometimes nothing gives more comfort than a classic and familiar drink. Mulled wine is one of them and can be bought in almost every pub, shop or Christmas market across Poland. Similarly to mulled beer, mulled wine brings you this nice warm feeling and smells of autumn holiday. In Poland, you can buy ready spice mixes that can be added to the red wine or even buy ready mulled wine that only has to be heated up. There is no excuse now!

Herbata z prądem

Herbata z prądem literally means tea with electricity or current and thanks to its origins is also referred to as mountain tea. It is a simple drink made of tea and alcohol with an optional addition of sugar and lemon. The most popular version is made of rum but any liqueur or vodka will do. It’s the perfect drink after a day of hiking or skiing or to be used as a medicine if you are feeling ill. Hey, alcohol kills bacteria so why not try it?

Nalewka – Polish liqueur

Nalewka, Polish liqueur made with spices, herbs and fruits usually contains 40-45% of alcohol but according to many Polish people, nalewka tastes much better than vodka. The Old Polish tradition claims that medium-dry and semi-sweet fruit liqueurs nalewka should be served with meat dishes, while sweet nalewka is a dessert alcohol, but Poles also drink it neat so your choices are endless. Interestingly nalewka is one of those drinks that can be made at home and a lot of people prepare it themselves to have something nice to look forward to for when winter comes in and the days become shorter and darker.

Hot chocolate

Not everyone likes (wants to or can) to drink alcohol so there has to be at least one non-alcoholic drink on this list (yes, this is how fair we are!). Hot chocolate is probably one of the most favourite hot drinks enjoyed by Poles in cafes (of course next to coffee and tea). Nowadays there are many specialised places that serve the real thing – thick, smooth and incredibly delicious hot chocolates served with whipped cream and additional spices. Polish people can be adventures too, so don’t be surprised to see hot chocolate with chilli on the autumn menu.

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