How to order food in a restaurant in Polish – Lesson 6

You don’t have to worry about eating out anymore. In this lesson we focus on the real life situation of ordering food in a restaurant. Learn how to ask for things you want and more important how to do it in Polish.


  • Restaurant – Restauracja
  • Zamówienie – Order
  • Menu – Menu
  • Czy mogę przyjąć zamówienie – Can I take your order?
  • Co wybrać? – What to choose?
  • Może chce Pani coś do picia? – Would you like something to drink?
  • Polecam – I recommend
  • Danie dnia – Dish of the day
  • Jeść – To eat
  • Rachunek – Bill
  • Poproszę rachunek – I would like the bill please

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