Asking for the way in Polish – Lesson 5

One of the most important skills in an unknown environment is the ablility to find your way around. Sometimes a map or a phone is not enough and the only solution is to ask someone for the way. But how to do it in Polish? Watch this video to be able to ask Polish people (in Polish!) how to find your destination and more importantly understand their responses.


  • Przepraszam, gdzie jest…? – Excuse me, where is…?
  • Pomóż mi znaleźć… – Can you help me with finding…
  • Pomożesz mi? – Can you help me?
  • Szukam… – I’m looking for…
  • Idź prosto – Go straight
  • Skręt – turn
  • Skręć w lewo – Turn left
  • Skręć w prawo – Turn right
  • Potem… – Then…
  • Musisz… – You have to/You need to
  • Ulica – street
  • Plac – square

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