Gdynia Maritime University

am-logo-2Gdynia Maritime University is situated among picturesque hills of the beautiful new town of Gdynia situated in the north of Poland at the Baltic Sea. Gdynia Maritime University is the university with a long and rich history, proudly continuing the 93-year-tradition of maritime education in Poland. Nowadays, Gdynia Maritime University has a high and well-established position, not only among Polish public academic schools but also among prestigious maritime universities and academies.

The university is an innovative university, providing its students with the education on the highest level in compliance with the international standards. All the faculties conduct I- and II-cycle studies, and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Entrepreneurship and Quality Science have in their offer also doctoral studies. Moreover, all the faculties are authorized to grant a doctoral degree. All the maritime specializations have been awarded the certificates of compliance with the requirements of the STCW Convention established by International Maritime Organization. Gdynia Maritime University prepared and implemented the Quality Management System concerning education on the academic level and scientific research, which received the certificate of compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

The university prides itself in having two very well equipped school ships: the beautiful frigate “Dar Młodzie˝y”, famous all over the world for its sailing victories in various races and the scientific research and training vessel, adapted for the polar zones, “Horyzont II”.

Graduates of Gdynia Maritime University – officers of the merchant fleet and specialists in the off-shore base of the maritime economy – are well prepared to work in Polish and international companies operating on the global market. Studies in our university are the times of intensive work, acquiring vast knowledge and valuable job skills as well as personal development, which constitute the solid basis for a splendid career path for every graduate and the job which guarantees not only financial success, but also satisfaction and prestige.

Today in Gdynia Maritime University studying about six thousand students. In the last academic year, the university completed about fifteen hundred graduates.

For students

The Students Parlament
The main aim of the Parliament is to ensure that every student of Gdynia Maritime University has the appropriate conditions to study and to develop their passions. Each student can contact the Parliament in case they need some help.

Students Special Interest Groups
In Gdynia Maritime University there are special groups – dynamic sports sections and scientific groups of interest.

Thanks to the initiative of students of our University, in autumn 2001 the choir of Gdynia Maritime University started its career. People who are interested can come and see how the work on the interpretation of a musical piece and voice looks like. Moreover, one can check their vocal skills under the supervision of a professional.

Student Club Bukszpryt
The student club ”Bukszpryt” is well-known for its cultural events, concerts and discos. The decor of the club has links to the maritime atmosphere.

Students Career Bureau
The University has founded Students Career Bureau which receives job and internship offers directly from employers. Thanks to it, the graduates of Gdynia Maritime University get dream jobs and students are sent to internships and traineeships.

The Main Library
The collection of the Library consists of more than 100,000 books, about 9,000 periodicals and more than 200 units of special collections. The library is computerized and has at its disposal a reading room with books, magazines and the Internet access – open until the evening. It cooperates with the scientific libraries of Tricity. It has the most modern and updated computer system that enables ordering books online (VTLS – VIRTUA).

Accommodation in Seaman Houses
Gdynia Maritime University offers four student hostels located in two sites of the City of Gdynia. Functionally and aesthetically arranged living space and the high standard create the comfortable environment for studying and resting. Since 1998 the student hostels and other University premises have been linked to the Internet communication network. Students coming from some other places than Tricity and the neighbouring areas have 893 accommodation places. The average cost of accommodation of a student in the Seaman House is about 100 EUR.

Cafeteria on Campus
In the Gdynia Maritime University, there are a buffet and a cafeteria. They are open seven days a week and it is possible to get there very tasty and inexpensive meals.

Foreigners of Polish origin applying for a scholarship of the Government of the Republic of Poland should contact the Polish diplomatic-consular post in the place of their residence in order to obtain more detailed information concerning the requirements and conditions of undertaking studies. Other foreigners who will apply for scholarships of the government of RP should contact the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange (Biuro Uznawalności Wykształcenia i Wymiany Międzynarodowej).

International Exchange
From 1 January 2014 Gdynia Maritime University participates in the international program Erasmus+.

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