Your ultimate Poland bucket list

#1. Drink vodka with Poles

If there was only one thing you could do in Poland it would probably be trying vodka! Poles believe that they were the first to produce this alcoholic beverage and vodka is Poland’s signature drink. You must drink it with a Polish person otherwise it’s cheating! Na zdrowie!

Polish Vodka
Local shop with Polish vodka (source:

#2. Go sailing in Mazury

Whether you’ve never had a chance to sail before or you’re an experienced sailor, Mazury is a place worth visiting. With thousands of lakes to choose, a group of friends and great weather this is going to be one of the best sailing experiences ever.

Mazury (source:

#3. Go hiking in Bieszczady

Quiet, solitary wander through Polish mountains is one of the most relaxing experiences you can get. Bieszczady have a lot to offer – the views, mysterious atmosphere that everyone loves and amazing nature. Don’t hesitate any longer, just be aware of Polish bears!

Bieszczady (source:

#4. Try Polish cuisine

Is there anything more to say here? Pierogi, bigos and all of the rest – at least take a bite, because Polish food is famous for its taste and quality. Hey, have we mentioned that you should try pierogi?
For the full list read ‘The top 10 foods you have to eat in Poland’.

Pierogi (source:

#5. Go surfing on Hel’s Peninsula

Poland has it’s sweet surfing spot – Hel (not hell!) and it may not be famous in the surfing world but it’s definitely worth visiting. Book a night or two to try the fresh sea breeze and surfing from morning till late evening!

Hel Peninsula
Hel Peninsula (source:

#6. Visit the most popular Polish cities…

You can’t say that you have been in Poland without visiting the most popular Polish cities. Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw – it’s not a coincidence that these places are in each and every guide! Check out our city guides to make the most out of your time there.

Kraków (source:

#7. And explore unknown places

There are hundreds of small, unknown and not well-described places in Poland that even Polish people don’t know about! So don’t wait any longer, grab your friends, backpack and arm yourself with curiosity. If you don’t know where to start, read 11 places in Poland you may never heard about.

Salt Mine in Bochnia
Salt Mine in Bochnia (source:

#8. Get to know some local people

You can read about almost everything – places to see, museums to visit, traditional food to try, but let’s be honest, the best way to explore Poland is to get to know some Poles and ask them to guide you through their country. That is going to be a real Polish experience.

Transatlantyk Festival in Poznań
People at Transatlantyk festival in Poznań (source:

#9. Take a look at the countryside

A unique experience, unforgettable atmosphere and authentic folklore. After seeing Polish biggest cities, you should at least once visit the countryside where food is fresh and homemade, nature is at its finest and you can attend some interesting local events.

Zalipie village
Zalipie village (source:

#10. Spend a night in the woods

Some snacks, a tent, few chosen friends gathered around the fire – and you’re ready for a magical night in the woods. Again, watch out for brown bears!

Spend a night in the woods (source: Wikipedia)
Spend a night in the woods (source:

#11. Try Polish craft beer

Dozens of types, hundreds of ingredients and many, many combinations of flavours and scents – in other words, Polish craft beers. Although you may think that Poles only drink vodka actually beer is the most popular alcoholic drink. There are many special, unique and local beers that can be bought only in Poland so make sure you try as many as possible.

Polish Craft Beer
Polish Craft Beer (source:

#12. Go mushroom picking

Mushroom picking may sound odd at first but it’s loved by Poles activity. Make sure you pick up mushrooms with someone who has the knowledge on the topic as some of the mushrooms are really poisonous! The risk is worth it as there is nothing better than a home cooked meal with your handpicked wild mushrooms.

Polish mushroom
Polish mushroom (source:

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