A man behind Jesús García Serial, a web TV show about Spaniards living in Poland, Daniel del Rosal shares his experiences of the last 10 years living in Poland.

Why did you move to Poland?
I’ve finished my studies in Poland (Fine Arts) and after that, I found a nice job. So I decided to stay here for a couple of years, but them I said to myself, maybe it is a good idea to stay a little longer. And here I am, ten years later.

What was your first impression of Poland?
It is was a deception, because there was no snow. It was winter and there was no snow.! It was a pity for me, but that night I went to sleep and when I woke up the city was completely white. Poland is just magic.

What has changed in your life since you’ve moved?
The fist thing I had to do it was to learn the language and it was a really hard thing to do. It was the fist time in my life that I was in the country where people spoke to me and I didn’t understand anything, completely anything.

What do you like about living in Poland?
The food, my job, the sky, the snow and nature.

Is there anything you would change/improve in Poland/Polish people?
I do not like to say what another people have to do or how they should behave. Normally Polish people treat me very well, that is enough for me. If I wanted a different kind of people around me, I would just move away.

What is your advice for people that are planning to move?
If they want to live in Poland for more than 3 or 4 years my advice is “learn Polish, Polish people will love you, and it is not an impossible language, it is just completely different. But, come on, that makes it more interesting.”

Do you feel in Poland at home or there is still part of you that feels foreign?
I will always feel a foreigner at home in Poland ?.

Daniel’s TV show can be watched here.